A: Each OmaxPure DHA76 softgel offers omega-3 fatty acids (with 76% DHA) in a super-absorbable re-esterified triglyceride (rTG) form. rTG form is found to be 70% more absorbable & bioavailable than ethyl ester (EE) form, which is the most typical form found in most fish oil supplements. OmaxPure DHA76 is also ultra-pure and ultra-concentrated. By employing a highly advanced purification and extraction technology, heavy metals, dioxins, PCBs and cholesterol content are removed. Without using high heat or toxic solvents, supercritical CO2 extraction is more superior to the commonly used molecular distillation. The freshness and quality of the fish oil is also maintained with oxygen-free manufacturing process, the OmaxFresh encapsulation technology and antioxidant fortification. OmaxPure DHA76 has also surpassed all the strict standards set by GOED for its purity and freshness. Because it is ultra-fresh, OmaxPure has no fishy aftertaste and does not contain any flavouring. Altogether, OmaxPure DHA76 is more concentrated, fresh, pure and also more bioavailable. It is highly recommended for all adults for optimal brain performance, as well as pregnant women and lactating mothers for healthy fetus growth and development in children.