A: OmaxFresh® is a patented encapsulation technology that employs a plant-based, GRAS certified ingredient, offering superior absorption and stable shelf life. By employing this technology, OmaxPure DHA76 capsule does not harden over time, allowing maximal release of omega-3 into the intestines throughout the shelf life. It is noteworthy that most fish oil supplements in the market are encapsulated using a gelatin capsule which hardens over time, affecting the release of fish oil in the intestines, which result in lower absorption and bioavailability of fish oil. Besides, some fish oils additionally include enteric coating to mask a fishy aftertaste or fishy burps. Enteric-coated formulations incorporate different chemical additives, which could lead to compromised digestion and prolonged absorption in the small intestines, thereby resulting in poor bioavailability. Since OmaxPure DHA76 is ultra-fresh, it does not give a fishy aftertaste or fish burps.It certainly does not require an enteric coating to mask any fishy taste or burps.