A: Supercritical CO2 extraction is an advanced and fairly new purification and concentration technology. This technology boosts the quality of fish oil, guaranteeing highly pure, fresh, concentrated and cholesterol-free fish oil. Removing heavy metal and other contaminants, this technology applies 350% lesser heat to the fish oil as compared to molecular distillation, which is a technique commonly used to purify and concentrate fish oil. As omega-3 EPA and DHA are highly sensitive to temperature, the use of low temperature is crucial to prevent oxidation and degradation of omega-3. Since Supercritical CO2 extraction does not involve the use of toxic solvents, and because CO2 can be recycled, this technology is highly sustainable with no risk of residual chemicals in the fish oil. Going beyond supercritical CO2 extraction, OmaxPure ® Omega-3 Fish oil is processed via an unrivalld three-layer purification process, which also includes urea complexation and supercritical CO2 chromatography, which makes it as one of the most concentrated, purest, most potent and cholesterol-free fish oils available in the market.